Nail Trimming An Important Part Of Pet Grooming

Nail Trimming An Important Part Of Pet Grooming

Hey Fur Families!

Paw Patrol is back with more insightful information to help you and your fur babies.  In this installment we wanted to talk about the importance of trimming your pets nails.  I know this seems like a no brainer, but it is something worth mentioning.

An essential part of pet grooming is the trimming of your pet’s nails. If you live in a house with wooden floors, the click, click, click of your pet’s nails when they walk on that floor can drive you crazy. This is important because long nails can cause pain to your animal’s feet and they can be used as a weapon whether on purpose or by accident. The nails can also cause damage to furniture or carpet.

Pet grooming experts use special precautions when clipping the nails of a dog or cat. The nail trimmers must be able to securely go over the diameter of the nail and not angled at all. The trick is to locate the cuticle and not to cut into it. Did you know that there is a vein that runs part way up the nail starting at the base.  Within this vein there are blood vessels and nerve endings.  If you should happen to cut into this vein, the nail will begin to bleed and there will certainly be pain involved.

Most animals do not like pet grooming and the ordeal of nail trimming can be a very a stressful time for them.

If you want to do this at home, the best method is to sit down beside your dog or cat and began to brush their coat.  Once they are calm and comfortable place their paw into your hand.  Do not show them the clippers at first but massage their feet like you would if you were playing with them. Gently put the nail into the opening of the nail trimmers and slowly but firmly clip the nail.

However, we do recommend going to a professional pet groomer, they are a little more experienced. Here at the Paw Spa, we use soothing techniques when it comes to trimming nails.  Our goal is to make sure that nail clipping for your furry loved ones is not a horrible experience.  We take our time and are patient with your pets. Whether you trim at home or go to a profession know that nail care is essential to your pet’s health care.

Hope you find these tips helpful and always remember to… LOVE. BRUSH. GROOM. REPEAT.

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